Monday, January 2, 2012

Getting back on Track

I am working on finally getting back on track after a busy month of house rearranging, Christmas preparations and many wonderful guests. I now have a studio room from which to work and some attempt is made to keep kids from invading that space with limited success. I guess I should be flattered that my children always want to be in whatever room I am in, but it would be nice if they could play on their own sometimes. Everyday I look forward to nap time when I have a chance to pull out paints and get to work.

"Babes on the Beach" went to its new home with grandma as a Christmas present.

 I have been working on some color boards to have some color mixing recipes. Yesterday I completed cobalt blue and Grumbacher red.

"Shades" is apparently a controversial painting in the family.  I love the painting because it shows so much attitude and character but it is generally considered unflattering by the family, So I have begun another painting of my Mother-in-law that will hopefully show how beautiful she really is and be a better representation of her personality.

I need to make a canvas run soon so that I can begin several other paintings I have in mind.  My dear husband gave me a gift card to support my hobby and I am looking forward to using it soon.


  1. Babes turned out just great! and I really like shades, regardless of popular opinion!

  2. Cute painting of the babes! I can see that the family would think the first painting of your mother-in-law is severe. We "older" people don't like to show the wrinkles so much.