Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rocking on

I believe Rocking Chair is now complete.

I will get final feedback from Mike's family and then figure out how to get it to The Hindman Settlement School for permanent display.

 I am waiting to hear if I have been juried into a local Portrait competition at ArtSpace Herndon. Results should come in on Thursday.

I am currently solidly loosing an Online competition for Artwork of Pope Francis. When I entered the competition it was going to be a judged contest but they changed it to a popularity contest where everyone can vote for their favorite, over and over. I was rather disappointed that they decided to go this route with the contest but it is fun to see all of the entries. Voting will be over on 9/8/13.

I was very excited to be written up in a local online newspaper. They must have seen the contest and emailed me, and then called for an interview.

Painting the Pope: Why One Reston Woman Was Inspired by Francis

Painter says Pope's humility inspired her to capture his likeness and enter a worldwide contest.
Oil Painting of the Pope by Reston artist Debby Bird
Oil Painting of the Pope by Reston artist Debby Bird

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