Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Frustration and disapointment

I am feeling very frustrated with the business of being an artist today. I have been trying to get enough business to justify to myself, my husband and my family the idea that I can be a professional artist. I have done quite a few paintings that have been given away, have bartered for several things but have a hard time with any actual sales. Everyone seems to really appreciate my paintings but I have had a hard time figuring out what would make them interested in buying.

I entered the competition for Pope Francis artwork and was resoundingly beaten. I entered a Portrait Competition thru ArtSpace Herndon and my work was not even selected to be in the show.

It is rather defeating to feel like I am making strides because of the phenomenal reception my painting "Rocking Chair" received, only to get knocked back down by news of the competitions.

I have also been trying to create a website but do not know what I am doing. I have spent hours working on it and it looks like a mess. I have made changes only to fail to save them. I do not understand webdesign.

I am not sure if I will ever be able to make painting something that I make money from. I have fallen so in love with the process however I do not think I would ever stop painting. I just would like Painting to be something that can support my family, something I can do and still be available for my children.

I feel like this is a gift God has given me to share with others. But how can I do it if no one is interested in buying, or showing my work?

Sorry for the down tone of todays post but that is just the way I am feeling today.

Baby Goose marvels at the cake in the oven "WOOOOO"

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  1. Hey Deb. Just spent several minutes writing a comment of encouragement including a statement confirming a commission from me for David's 60th. Then I lost it! See, life is. Happens to all of us over and over and over.... Smile. I love you and miss you. Will talk to girls about picture for his August 2014 birthday. I know it's not tomorrow, but it is a commission. And I promise NOT to take advantage of you. Honest! Hugs to all.