Monday, September 23, 2013

First Drawing

I was super excited today to watch my son do his first house drawing. He has done some faces in the past but it has always been a struggle for him. He usually ends up scribbling over the whole page. As an artist this has been driving me crazy. I just want to see all of those little kid drawings that most 4.5 year old make. 
This is his drawing Lin order of appearance) of the grass and the sky, A tree house with a table and a potty, it has two floors and he and I are dancing upstairs, he added a Rocket ship outside to take us to the stars and last he added a radio for music.
This absolutely delights me. Of course poor Monkey toes being the middle naturally artistic child has been doing drawings of Rapunzel and I have not yet taken a picture of it. But there is something about fretting about and anticipating something for so long and then to finally see his first real picture. Next time I will have to make sure to capture one of hers.

Today in the mailbox I was super excited to receive This necklace and hair clip set. They are part of a barter for a painting I recently finished. They are beautiful handmade copper trees, and will undoubtedly become a wardrobe staple.

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