Thursday, February 9, 2012

Grandpa's Barn

Several days work on Grandpa's Barn have gotten me to this point. I have yet to start the areas of skin and the background is just under painting and layout at this point. I really like how it is developing at this point however and am excited to get more work done on it. After a dry spell creatively it is nice to feel like things are flowing again.
My son says he likes the painting but it is not beautiful yet because I have more to paint. It is always amusing to get his input. He recognizes himself and grandpa however so that is a good sign.


  1. Looks great! Perfect subject matter for you!

  2. Looking at the painting on the morning after working on the shirt I am very frustrated to see how much my grid lines are showing up through the paint. You can see every line, I will have to repaint the whole shirt. I will not let any grid lines stick around for future projects.

  3. No question... that is definitely Sam. Not sure what it is. But even if I didn't know you had painted it, I would have recognized your dad right away. Hope to see this one in its completed state one day.