Thursday, February 28, 2013

Slow Progress

 Pumpkins and Mice was completed during a painting class at Reston Community Center. It was a good way to loosen up after my painting hiatus. I had not painted since my daughter was born in August. I loved teh vibrant color of the pumpkins and enjoyed working on something that required less rigorous representation than portraits.

I have been planning this painting of Mary for some time now. I took pictures of a friend modeling the pose last year and have been waiting till the time felt right to start the painting. I am including the series of photos to show how the painting has been developing. I have a lot still to do but am very excited with the progress that has been made. The painting is titled "Preparing the Todah Sacrifice".

I have also been continuing work on "Contemplating Bluegrass"

 A good deal of my creative energy during the last week was tied up in designing and making my sons 4th birthday cake. He requested angry birds and I did my best to deliver. The kids enjoyed helping to build and paint the pinata, and everyone enjoyed the cake. I did need to catch up on sleep after the party was all over.  Unfornunantly my youngest chose the next few days to get her first two teeth and some restless nights followed.


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