Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Some Months are just slow!

Last month I finished 7 paintings and had another one well under way. This month all I have accomplished on my paintings has been to finish the one I had started and to refinish the background of  one I thought I had done.

I have also been working on plans for several upcoming religious themed projects. But mostly I have been at a painting standstill. I tried to readdress a painting that I started over a year ago but only managed to waste a day.

The past few days have been spent dealing with puking children. Amazingly one sick child quickly turns into more. I am so thankful that the older one knows how to aim for a bucket instead of a parents shirt.

My new Facebook critique Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/paintingcritique/ has helped me change a few small things and compete this painting. Now I just need to add my signature. This was a very large painting and the background was painted over at least 7 times. I think I finally got it right.
"First Day of Ballet" Oil on Canvas 30"x30" Available for purchase
 I added more grey-blue to the background on Baby Blues because when seen from a distance the old background was too distracting and pulled your eye away from her sweet face.
"Baby Blues" Oil on Canvas 12"x12" Private Collection

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