Friday, March 28, 2014

Snuggles make it all worth it.

I have been spending many long hours working on the paintings for Holy Week. I painted 4 heads tonight and have 17 more to finish. I need to get an earlier start the next few nights and stay more focused. It is hard to get to the studio as soon as the kids are in bed when I have dinner dishes to clean and toys to pick up, and it is hard to get those things done when kids are up especially when I am tired from staying up too late, many nights in a row.
But little moments of cuddling with the kids and talks about Jesus made this whole day worth it. They are the reason I want to stay at home and be there for my children. It is hard to know when little moments like this will be just what my kids are needing. I want to be there whenever their hearts are open. I just need to make sure I get enough sleep to be aware of them when they happen.

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