Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Something a little different.


I have started taking classes at an Atelier type program. The first week my teacher Tricia covered form shadows and highlights. She had me draw simple 3 dimensional forms with charcoal and make sure I include the cast shadow, the terminator, the form shadows, the light side with highlights and the reflected light.
It was fun to learn how to properly use charcoal because I had never had anyone show me before. It is really a lot like the painting process and I am loving the charcoal process now.

I have also been working on the painting of my sister more. I have a lot of pushing and pulling of light and shadow to go still on this project.


The other project I have been working on is far out of my normal. I am doing an acrylic painting of a tree that will have circles for guests to sign as a guest book at a friends wedding. I have mostly used pallet knives on this project and am constantly amazed at how different acrylics are. I still have some birds and a nest to add and of course all of the circles.
I also went with my friend to pick up art that did not sell at this year's Art at the Mill show. The kids had a great time playing along the stream. We also visited Duvall Gallery and saw the stunning woodwork and nice paintings that were on display at the gallery which is located just across the street from the Mill.
On the way home I took a wrong turn and ended up being a little late for the art reception at Meadowlark Gardens. Foolishly I let the kids eat as much of the reception food as the wanted and they mostly ate cookies. That I learned the truth of the phrase "don't eat too many sweets or  you will make your self sick" and also what "tossing ones cookies" really looks like.


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