Monday, June 23, 2014

Vacation and Plein Air

The last few weeks were spent traveling and spending time with family. Trips in the car with three kids are always a challenge but I found that the hardest thing about them is taking three kids to the restroom at a rest area all by myself. We drove for about 34 hours spread over three different driving sections and spent many wonderful hours on three different family farms. I think the best thing ever for children is free time on the farm with a gaggle of cousins.
I painted 3 plein air farm paintings, one beach scene and completed a portrait of a dog. I also worked on removing an overly large hummingbird from a painting I had done in college and given to my Aunt. I varnished several paintings and sold one original. It was an amazing trip and I have way too many pictures to add captions to all of them but they will give you a feel of our vacation.



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