Sunday, January 4, 2015

A little Pallete cleansing

I have recently finished up two portrait commissions and have two more that I need to get started on this week, along with a  portrait sample for an auction to raise money for my son's school. I have not yet shown my clients their paintings so I do not want to post them on the blog yet but hopefully they will be available soon.

This past week I ordered the book Daily Painting by Carol Marine because I have been feeling the need to so some quick paintings in order to loosen up and relax in between commissions. I is a great book that covers so many practical issues of painting including selling paintings. Basically paint small,  paint often, paint a lot!

So today I painted my evening snack. Please forgive the photograph as it is only a quick snapshot taken under poor lighting but I wanted to show you the nights work. It is done in one sitting, alla prima and is 6x6 inches. In all it took a little more than an hour to paint.

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