Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Starts

I am starting a new adventure. I am undertaking the seemingly impossible. Can I actually work on developing as a painter with a baby and a toddler trying to do everything possible to distract me?
I want to chronicle my adventures of trying to squeeze painting into my busy life. I am not great at staying focused or dedicated to any one task so this could be a big challenge for me. But I am tired of saying I want to be a painter and am ready to make it happen.
Today I crawled under the pile of children paraphernalia stashed in the guest bedroom, to retrieve my paintbrushes and other supplies. They have not been pulled out in about a year and a half or more since I finished the painting of my cousin's  pregnant belly.

 I sat both of my children down with artwork of their own, and I started a painting for my husband. He had said for a long time he has wanted a painting of ships battling. So I decided to work on it for his birthday. I prefer to paint Portraits so this will probably be quite the challenge. I at least got some paint on the canvas in the hour or so I could keep my kids moderately contained.

My son was very interested in what I was doing and kept on wanting to help. He worked on a watercolor of his own and also painted his water mug and his hands. He wants me to help him paint all the time. I think he wants to be able to do it better than he is able. So I painted Daddy for him. Not my finest work.

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