Monday, November 7, 2011

Finger Paint

In an attempt to get my son to loosen up a little with his painting I decided to try finger paints with the kids today. I have a recipe for homemade finger paints I wanted to try and my son always loves a cooking project so we set to work. He loved seeing the mix on the stove and things were going well until my daughter peed on the floor (OK admittedly not the best time to decide to try potty training). In the time it took to whisk her off to the potty and clean up the puddle my finger paints were boiling vigorously. So my paint turned out a little thick but thankfully still usable. Both kids and I enjoyed finger painting however I should have taken more stain prevention measures. My daughter was laying across her painting in an effort to reload her little digits with brightly colored goop.

On my projects I think I have finished up the ship painting and while it turned out reasonably well I don't really like it for several reasons. I do not like copying someone else's work, ships are not what I like to paint and I had no idea what I was doing when I started trying to paint it so I do not think it is my best work. At least I hope there are better things to come. I had to get the painting finished so that I could hang it up and have more room on the top of my dining room hutch for wet painting storage. This can be a problem when one has little space and two small kids who want to touch and help color everything.

I also finished drawing the babes in a tide pool and toned the canvas so it should be ready to begin painting tomorrow. I am nervous about starting because I really want this to turn out well and am doubting myself some.

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