Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Learning to Color and Human Anatomy

My son has learned to color!
I am so excited because while I know kids do thing at different rates and they all have their own learning curve, it really bother me that my two year old was better at coloring than my 4 year old. Every time he tried he would just scribble wildly all over the page and my daughter would at least carefully try to color individual parts of the page.
All of a sudden this week while coloring organs for our anatomy study, (What can I say, my son loves to know how his body works) he suddenly started coloring almost entirely in the lines and coloring the whole picture.  He also did a very nice job drawing an avocado for our science observation notebook. So comforting to the artist in me.
 My youngest has learned a trick of her own. She was having a great time playing a game of crinkled nose grins to make me laugh. What a delight to watch these milestones as they happen.

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