Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Children at Art

Art is a great way to get my kids to the table. I have started homeschooling and it can be hard to get started for the day if my son thinks he is going to have to do paperwork, but when he thinks he is coming for an art project he is on board immediately.  He then seems to have lots of fun with the work I do have for him.

 I discovered that with some colored paper, water in her cup holder and a paint brush the baby can have a great time "painting" along with the big kids. Sometimes she uses brush and sometimes fingers but she always loves to play in water so this was just the thing.

Play-doh has been in use a lot recently. All three have been enjoying it in someway, the baby likes the tool and getting them out of the bucket. Also she discovered that the bucket makes a great walking assistant.
 My son is finally making a few drawings. He has been very hesitant to try drawing because of his perfectionism and lack of hand control. This is his painting of a Grandpa Sun who has a beard and walks on the Earth.
 Something that can easily bring the whole family to the table, and we spend a lot of time with is Lego. We all have our own Lego collections but Dad's is certainly the largest.  I have no idea how many pieces we have in this house but it would be very interesting to know. Lego collects in corners and closets, on the tops of furniture and (heaven forbid) under the couch. Everyone has to be very careful to pick up anything that they drop or Daddy will ban them from playing, I think he knows everyone of his thousands upon thousands of pieces.

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