Monday, August 26, 2013

Painting Progress Derailed

There are so many things in my life that can get me derailed from working on paintings. I am currently working on preparing for my daughters first birthday party. She turned one a few days ago but her party is tomorrow. With each consecutive child, parties get progressively less fancy. My son has had some very unique cakes, A dump truck, angry birds, and a pond with frogs and cattails. Tomorrow we will be eating chocolate cake, nothing fancy.

I am not going to have every corner perfectly de-cluttered. By this time our parties have swelled in number of kids and greatly decreased in adult attendance. We are down to a group of two other families and with the 5 extra kids in the house that is more than chaotic enough. I know that there will be toys everywhere once the party is over and with only close friends coming no one is under the delusion that I keep a perfectly clean house. It is nice to feel comfortable enough with a friend to let her see my piles of papers and toys on the stairs.

 There are so many important things to squeeze into everyday. How do I manage to always find energy at the end of a long day full of playground trips and wrestling and book reading and cleaning up potty accidents to paint, once everyone is finally fettled down for the night? Short answer... I don't. When things like birthday party's and homeschooling and cleaning and house projects get in the way of working on paintings I often get frustrated that I am not making progress with painting. 
This week has been one of THOSE weeks. All I have done with my painting is buy some frames, enter two paintings in a portrait competition and do a sketch to figure out the composition of an upcoming painting.  Before I can actually begin to paint I will need to make a run to the Art store to pick up the right size canvas.

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