Saturday, November 9, 2013

Home Maker

I have always wanted to be a homemaker, now before those of you who know the usual state of my house laugh, let me explain.
I did not necessarily desire to wash endless dishes and fold laundry and mop floors (although I do all of those things for my family.) I wanted to actually MAKE my home.
I became an architect as part of this goal. I wanted to know how to design and construct all elements of my own home. I dream of one day owning that perfect house that was designed specifically for the needs and desires of my family.
I also want to be able to make the large majority of the elements in that house. I have learned quite a few of the skills necessary to do this. I have done pottery so I could make a set of my own dishes. I can sew so I could make quilts and curtains. I have designed and built furniture so I could furnish the house.
I can paint so I could fill the walls with paintings.

Many talents, but some days I just wish I were better at being the other type of homemaker. I wish that picking up came more naturally and that I had a perfectly clean house. I am not sure that the two kinds of homemaking can go perfectly hand in hand.

The beginnings of a baby shower gift for my sister in law, I have been working on in for a week or so and will have more of it to show you once my camera battery recharges.
Halloween ready

The kids learning where our food comes from

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