Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thank you

I want to tell all of you who have been supporting me through your kind comments, prayers encouragement and purchases a big Thank You. It is such a joy to paint when I hear your appreciation of what I have been doing. On days when it feels overwhelming to sit down at the easel after a long day of dishes and squabble management, your support pulls me there and encourages me.
I went in to my final live painting class for the session and saw that my first non commissioned sale has been paid for and taken home. I was slightly saddened to not get a chance to say goodbye to this little gem, but also very happy that someone else will be enjoying it.
Sales certainly help with covering the cost of painting supplies. Now I need to decide which items I will reinvest the money on. Please help my efforts grow. Recommend my work to your family and friends.
 Pelicans Perch Complete 9x12 Oil on Canvas

2 hour Live Painting Session

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  1. Am impressed by the growth you've displayed during this course. Impressive. Still want to buy print of Mike. Let me know. Let me know how much.