Monday, August 18, 2014

Eddy 2 hr study

I went to the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria on Saturday for the first time and met several other portrait painters. One of them invited me to come back on Wednesday to join her in painting. We had talked about how painting can be lonely especially when I work from a studio in my home and only when kids are in naps or to bed for the night.
She hired a model for a painting project she is working on but she allowed me to chose the pose and I got right to work. We had about two hours with several breaks. I felt very happy with what I accomplished in the two hours but see several areas that need further work. If I had more time or several sessions I would have taken longer to perfect the drawing and would have been able to capture a better likeness. However I do think it looks like Eddy and he thought so also.
The Painting Parent segment of the blog has been so much fun to work on. I think it helps to read the stories of other artists who deal with some of the same pressures. I also am encouraged to find out how they have made careers in art work whether full time, while taking care of children, or in the hours available after a full time job.
I have several interviews ready to be posted to the blog but am aiming for a once a week schedule.  Coming up this week, Billy Seccombe and later in the month Anna Rose Bain and Erin Huber.

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