Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ivy with Zorn Palette

I have been wanting to experiment with the Zorn Palette so tonight I worked on a small 10x10 painting.  Please excuse the image quality, all were taken at night in my studio.
I started with a  drawing transfer using oil paint. I had never tried this method and had just watched David Grey's instructional video on the process. Next time I would chose to make the oil much lighter because It has been difficult to cover all of those lines.

Next I blocked in the shade side, and stated with modeling the form on the light side.

Here I am starting to work into the dark side.

My palette in Process, Colors used were Titanium White, Flake White Replacement, Cad Red light, Yellow Ocher, Ivory Black and I also added some Paynes Grey to get some blue tint in the shirt area.

Completed Painting but Under terrible light. Will post a better photo soon. I keep on finding little touches to make but will not work on it after tonight. In all it took about 3 hours. So wonderful to be able to work wet into wet on the whole project.

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  1. this is particularly lively and beautiful Debby! I love the movement of the paint and the freshness. Keep going with this :)