Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Poorly sized Canvas

Tomorrow I need to drop off a painting at Meadowlark Gardens for an upcoming show, but I have a serious dilemma. The first painting I finished for the show is 10"x14" which is not a standard frame size. I had arranged for my father to make a frame for the painting but there was some confusion and he brought the wrong size frame. Now I have a painting without a frame. I painted the edges and the sides do not have any stapes, but it does not look as professional as if I had a frame.

My other option is a painting I finished tonight. It is 11"x14" and I would be able to purchase a frame for it but the painting has two yellow flowers that will not be dry in time for the show.


 So the moral of the story is....DO NOT BUY ODDLY SIZED CANVASES or get a bigger framing budget.


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