Monday, April 28, 2014

Wiggle Alla Prima

This past weekend was the Art of the Portrait Conference and there were so many things that happened and so much to think about my mind is full. I do not think I can tackle covering all that I was inspired by, but I left with an overwhelming desire to get in my studio and paint.

I want to paint more often from life but with the littles it is so difficult to have a sitter that would fit in my painting schedule. Today I decided to tackle the impossible and paint my wiggly son during nap time. I place a movie at a strategic angle and got started. His head moved in every direction so my view kept shifting but I did my best to do a 1.5 hour alla prima painting of him.
I know that some things were not quite right but the movie is over and the Baby will soon wake up. My daughter wants me to paint her during nap time tomorrow, so for now I have some willing but wiggly subjects to work from.

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