Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fun with a Propane Torch

Today my husband and I worked on replacing a utility sink, hoses for the washing Machine and shut off valves. I got to do lots of soldering and figuring out the design for the pipes. I also got to use the propane torch. I love to have a challenge I can tackle and figure out. Plumbing is not really very hard but it is always fun to have a different mental challenge.

And what is more fun than a really, really hot fire!

During Nap time I was trying to work some on the painting and the baby woke up from her nap so I strapped her on my back, I was soon also joined by my boy who kept on asking a bazillion questions and trying to get right in the middle of things, but how can you ask a little boy to get back to his scheduled nap time when he says, "mommy I love to watch you paint"?

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