Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Strangers at the door.

Last week I answered a knock at the door to be greeted my two middle Eastern looking Man. One stood back on the sidewalk and the other introduced himself and shook my hand and then stepped back. I assumed at first that they must be salesmen because this is typical behavior for a salesman but they had no paperwork with them.
The guy said to me "We just bought this house on foreclosure"
I replied "Um NO you didn't!"
He tried to tell me that he had just purchased our house through some foreclosure deal and I adamantly kept insisting that he indeed could not have and he was wrong.
We had recently refinanced the house so I was concerned that someone had gotten ahold of our paper work and was trying to pull a scam, I just wasn't sure who was getting scammed, us or them.
He asked if we were renters and I said No we own this house and it has not been sold to ANYONE. 

Finally after trying to convince me they had bought my house for several minutes they checked their cell phone again and said "Oh sorry we had the wrong house number" And the headed across the parking lot to go check out another house.
I immediately texted my husband telling him that strange men cam to our door saying they had bought the house.
It is a good thing he called me right back because he was about to call the police and have them descend on these guys. I filled in the story and let him know they had indeed left. He was close to home so he checked them out as he drove in.

 It was such a strange experience. I figure they must have walked up to our house and thought "Wow we really got a good deal. We have a very nice front yard, except for the lack of grass coverage in our lawn. Beautiful fence and landscaping, and it is certainly above par for the neighborhood. If they had seen the improvements we have done on the inside especially our diy remodeled kitchen, They would have been even more happy with their "purchase."

One of the best things we grow in the garden "Flying Trees"

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