Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Milkweed goes green

Today I showed one of the priests at my church a picture of my Pope Francis painting. He thought it looked nice and we had a good conversation about pursuing painting and about practicing Architecture. It is nice to have avenues to get to know people better by sharing my art. I learned more about him and he learned a little more about me.
In the Afternoon I sat at the Vienna Arts Society Building for three hours along with the baby. Several society members came in at the beginning and it was nice to chat with them and then no one came in for the next two and a half hours. The baby took a nap and I looked at a few good art books, while carrying the baby around in the Ergo carrier.
Towards the end of the sitting time I started getting a headache which got rapidly worse on the way home. By the time I got home my head was hurting so bad and I felt nauseous because of it. I handed the Baby off to my husband, took some Excedrin and lay down in the dark to clutch my head and try to feel a little better. I got up two hours later to get the kids to bed and still felt bad but was getting a little better.
I decided that I should not go to painting class  but did paint some from home as my headache receded. I was glad that the headache did not completely ruin my chance to paint. Mostly green paint.
I am a little concerned about this painting, I am not totally confident in the size and placement of the figures. Are they the right size in relationship to each other?  I am just not sure. I need to get more paint on to get a better feel for how it looks. My skin tones also need a lot of work. Need to mix new tones, I was trying to see if some already on my pallet might work but I think I need to be less lazy.
Unfortunately I am now wide awake and unable to sleep because of the caffeine in the Excedrin. But it gives me a chance to write this post.
I am so glad that my husband was home and was able to take all three kids, get dinner and keep them entertained. Without any complaint, after he had already done a lot with them all day long. On his days of he hardly got any time for himself.

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