Friday, October 25, 2013

Chipped Edges

For some reason my children have decided that getting a chipped plate to eat from is lucky. They cheer at dinner when they get one of our slightly broken dishes. They actually would bicker over who gets the broken plate if I allowed plate swapping. I asked my son why he liked to get a broken plate and he told me that it was special because he broke it.
As parents so many things are not perfect. Clothes get spit up on, floors get nail polish stains when a little one discovers that the polish is unsupervised. Movies skip because they have been scratched and handled by little hands. So many time I look at all these imperfections and wish they could be fixed or avoided.
I need to remember that they are special because my kids caused them. They are proof that my life is fun of love and hugs and laughs. They show that I am surrounded by children who love me unconditionally and who need me completely. 
What a great gift from God to help me look at the chips around me and recognize the blessings that come with them. There are chips in my own life that I know God looks at and loves anyway because they were caused by one of his children. All I can do with those chips is accept the mistakes that caused them and celebrate the lessons that were learned.

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