Friday, October 4, 2013

Why I Paint

I paint because there is something about capturing certain moments in paint that holds those moments and shows everyone their importance. So many important moments happen every day that are forgotten or over looked. I love the way that a painting can capture those overlooked moments and overlooked people and emphasise them. Suddenly because something has been painted I will never forget it. I have three young children who are changing and growing so fast, I often paint them to hold on to moments a little longer.

I do not form clear mental pictures in my head but the images that I have painted I can recall most clearly. I remember making those brush strokes and through remembering the process of painting I am better able to remember the moments I was trying to capture.

I love to paint the simple moments of interaction between family members. I also try to capture the personality and essence of an individual. When I paint and start to see the personality emerge from the painting I feel connected to the creative nature of God.

On a side note I found out today that Antiquing won an Honorable Mention in the "Around Town" show at the Vienna Art Society

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