Monday, October 14, 2013

Live Portrait Session

Todays live portrait session featured a thirteen year old girl. She had a hard time sitting completely still. Shadows were constantly shifting slightly as well as contours. Her eyes were darting all over, but it was so much fun to work with all of these things to capture her likeness.
My teacher is always commenting about how I should work slower and get the shapes tied down before I move on. I do not think I am a good student. I seldom listen to my teachers advice. At one point he was wiping paint off of my canvas where he thought something looked wrong and I had to gently pull his arm away before he did more damage.
I may not be a good student but I have always been a good learner so maybe I will still turn out all right although sometimes it seems like he has no hope for me. I think he and I see things very differently because if I were the teacher I might have been telling him the same things.

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