Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Paintings on their way home


Tonight I worked a little more on the painting I started from life yesterday. I few tiny angle changes on the head have it looking much more like the model.
Today I prepared two paintings for mailing and got them out the door and on the way to their new homes. I bought mirror boxes from U-haul and wrapped each picture in brown paper, bubble wrap and then a smaller box before placing them in the final bow with extra padding around the edges. I cut down each U-haul box so that it was not quite so large. I also turned them inside out so that all of the U-haul logos were not showing. I mailed them through USPS which was much less expensive than the last set of paintings I mailed through UPS.
I had lots of help getting the packages ready to go out the door. Goose helped me unroll bubble tape, and regular tape, crumple the brown paper, and performed crush tests on all boxes. These boxes are tested to withstand baby weight.


The beginning of a new commission. This is a small canvas so the image is very cropped. The painting is not yet flowing for me. I hope it starts to come together better on the next session.

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