Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Gap

Things I have done this week:

Submitted a painting for "Around Town" Vienna Art Society show
Won an Honorable Mention
Gone to two Art Receptions in one day
Taken kids to two swim lessons and one ballet lesson
Painted a skull at a painting class
Picked up countless toys, dishes, trash
Watched a movie with my husband
Folded about 10 loads of laundry
Dealt with three sick kids
Been Sick Myself
Raked leaves into a pile for kids to jump in.
Felt like a jungle gym.
Worked on finishing up drywall for the bathroom remodel.
Baked 10 dozen cookies.


Things I haven't done this week:

Cleaned my bathrooms.
Put away the kids clothes.
Had the house clean.
Kept the baby from climbing on the table, and the hutch and the coffee table.
Gotten in all of the homeschool I need to get done.
Kept a calm tone at all times with the kids.
Worked on any of my own paintings.

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