Sunday, April 14, 2013

Art Reception and walk in the woods.

Today was a very busy day with Church followed by the Art Reception, all during regular nap times. Because there was not much time between when church was over and the reception was supposed to start we took a picnic lunch and played at the church playground rather than heading home.  We also decided to follow a path thru the woods to figure out the shortest route to walk if we ever decide to walk to church. We ended up at a fun playground.
I took the opportunity to take our traditional swing picture. We have large framed pictures of the older two kids  in swings at around 7 months on our living room wall and need to get one up of the baby.

The Art reception was interesting with 3 kids along. Most people seemed to enjoy the kids and their energy but it was hard for me. I had to keep them from touching every grape on the table, taking all of the strawberries, eating yet another serving of brownies, jumping up in the middle of adult conversations with an outstretched rock "look at my rock" and on and on. I was very relieved when they decided they wanted to go pretend to be dalmatians outside on the front steps.
It was very interesting to listen to the comments from the judge and to think about how hard it must be to pick the winners. One older lady was muttering about how the judge did not choose correctly.

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