Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Honorable Mention

Over the last week I have made some progress on several paintings. A new series of painting classes started at Reston Community center and I worked on three different paintings. I feel like I am working very slowly and would like to finish one of the paintings I have been working on for months.

 The painting Suzanne on the Beach is becoming much more difficult than I thought it would be. The shadows have such blue highlights that I just am having a very hard time duplicating. I also need to soften many of the smile lines.
 I am hoping that my mother in law likes this painting more than "Shades" the first painting I did of her. She is a very authoritative person which showed in "Shades" but she is also very kind and loving which I am trying to capture in this painting. Unfortunately I have not yet come close to capturing her beauty. 
"Shades" did win an honorable mention in an exhibit at the Vienna Arts Society, and my husband had to make sure he teased her about it. I wish that she did not hate it so much, because I really like the painting.
We had a full house last weekend for Baby's baptism. It was wonderful to have everyone here to celebrate with us.

Enjoying the Easter Bunny

Spring has come to our front yard, crocuses have come and gone, flowering quince is in bloom and so are the daffodils.
The kids and I have been enjoying walks in the woods, playground time, the backyard sandbox and hammock and front yard picnic dinners. LOVE spring.

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