Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Some days there is just no hope of getting any productive artwork done. Between being puked on multiple times by the baby and once buy the biggest kid, staying up too late on multiple nights to paint the Pope and having a rotten cold I am not sure I can stay up till the kids bed time let alone stay up to paint.
I am currently wearing puked on pants and just had to change two layers of shirts. All of my other pants are in the laundry, are unsuitable to wear except to bed or have also been puked on. I used a wipe and tried to scrub out the puke but it is impossible to get it all.
 I have a dentist appointment scheduled for today, the first one in over 4 years. I have not been making time for such things since my oldest was born. I used to go every 6 months and always kind of enjoyed getting them cleaned, even as a kid I loved the dentist because the lady who cleaned my teeth was so nice and I got to pick a toy when we were done.
It can be so hard as a mom to look past the daily grind to schedule things especially for ourselves. I never let a regular appointment for the kids get lost in the shuffle but I always let appointments for myself get pushed farther and farther back.
If I don't diligently guard and make time for my art, the same thing will happen to that. My art will get pushed aside in the hustle of diaper changes, finger paint, cleaning tossed food off the floor, washing dishes and of course puke.

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