Friday, April 19, 2013

Painting with a baby on board

Today I had just gotten the baby fed and down for a nap, gotten the big kids fed and settled for quiet time in their rooms, pulled out my painting and gotten my paints ready to go, touched the brush to the canvas several times...
 When the baby woke up again. In order to get something done I nursed her quickly and then strapped her on my back to paint some more. This worked for a while but was difficult because she wiggles and I needed to have controlled brush strokes. Eventually she made her way to the highchair with a heap of puffs and the big kids got up and did some art at the table. I also sent the big kids outside for a while to dig in the dirt. Baby was generally unhappy today and I could not quite tell what the matter was.

Sorry to have so many short bursts of the blog, but I like to document as I go before I forget it and before I loose the chance.
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  1. good for you for finding time to paint, Debby, and it seems you do well balancing babies, too :)
    Sincerely, Katie