Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tidepool complete

Today I finished "Tide pool" and I started a new Facebook page to highlight my work.
I still have lots of labeling to do and I need to figure out how to best utilize it. I would love to get some followers that follow simply because they love the work and not just because they know me.
Of course ones mother will always say that you paint well but you need a stranger to say it before you start to think it is not just a biased opinion.
Last night I stayed up late again to continue working on Pope Francis. It is kind of addictive to be working on a new painting, I just want to be working on it all of the time. It was hard today to focus on Saturday cleaning when I wanted to get my paints out and get to work.

I am planning a new painting that will be titled milkweed, and am excited to get going. It seems that the more I paint the more ideas I have. I used to think that I could not paint anything because I did not have much that really inspired me but I have discovered that if you just start painting more and more inspiration will happen. I have so many ideas of paintings now I could be busy for a while. I would love to have some sell so that I can fund all of these upcoming paintings, so if you have seen a painting you like let me know!

The Baby aka Goose has been extra fussy for the last few days, not wanting me to put her down much at all. Also waking up more at night. I am operating below par but so excited about paintings I don't want to give up my late night painting sessions.

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