Monday, April 22, 2013

Day for Reference Photos

Today I prepared for a future painting by asking a photographer friend to take photographs of me nursing baby Goose. She took some wonderful photographs in between nursing breaks for big grins at the camera. It was very distracting for her to be photographed while eating.
It was wonderful to have help getting reference photos I never could have captured on my own. She will be editing the photos slightly and getting them too me soon.
After getting the kiddos to bed I got out "Hogan on Guitar" with the intention of working but after staring at it for an hour and printing of extra reference photos I gave in to my lack of inspiration and pulled out what I really wanted to be working on.

I had only minor changes to make but it still took me hours to accomplish. Painting is now 95% complete. Sometimes the last 5% takes as much time as all the rest and it is not as exciting because the changes are not as extreme.
I have been so excited to have lots of people following my new facebook page. . A fellow artist shared my page on hers and my cousin who makes beautiful felted animals also shared my page so I am beginning to have an audience slightly larger than friends and family. I means a lot to get "likes" from people I have never even met. Being able to share my work with others who truly enjoy it is inspiring.

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